3D Printed Quick Release Plate for DSLR Cameras

A quick release plate is a must have if you use to record videos for example for YouTube or any other purpose. If you have to change your camera in between tripods, it makes the whole process really really easy.

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How did I print the Quick Release Plate?

To print the 3D Printed Quick release plate, I’ve used my CTC Prusa i3 Pro B 3D Printer that I bought from amazon for very cheap a few months ago. You can also get one for 99€ on amazon here:

Put a Quick Release Plate in your workflow.

A good and working quick release plate, will be very useful in your day to day. Specially If you are using your DSLR or other cameras in your day to day, and you use different cameras or you install it in different tripods, sliders, etc.

In my personal usage I use to change the camera from the aluminium tripod to the 3d printed mini tripod, and then to the slider, around 5 to 10 times a day. At the end of the day, if you count the time spent on installing the camera, if you spend 3 minutes each time, sometimes you could even waste 30 minutes of your valuable time.

Instead, using a quick release plate, this change will take around 5 seconds, with a simple open and close of the lock.

Quick Release Plate FILES DOWNLOAD

As always you can DOWNLOADthe files created in the video from our files repository 

For the compact camera tripod you can, you can download it from the original post on thingiverse CLICKING HERE

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All the moving shots shown in the video were recorded using our DIY 3D Printed DSLR Camera Slidera project that we are still developing, releasing son the 4th iteration. For now you can check our first 3 iterations here:

You can navigate to our projects page to check out all of them: 3D Printing Projects.

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