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3D Printer Farm Shelving ikea lack #1/3. The Structure

In the first episode of my new project, I am going to show you how to build the Structure of a 3D Printer Farm Shelving Solution using the 10€ ikea lack table.

If you have one or more 3D printers, you’ll have probably noticed that they take quite a lot of space. Having a good shelving solution is a must, specially if your workshop is not huge.
Furthermore, buying a piece of furniture big and stable enough to hold for example 3 3D Printers, may cost you 300 bucks minimum. In contrast, in this new series I’m going to show you a very cool solution for this problem for a fraction of the price!

As you have seen in the video, we can get a great solution building our own 3D Printer Farm Shelving Solution. For that we used some ikea lack tables and the 3D Printed Joints that we designed for this project. You can download them from the links down below.

In this video we finished the design and the assembly of the structure, using a total of 9 tables. As a result we will get a 3 tables tower for evry 3D Printer in our farm. So our investment was 90€ and around 10€ of PETG, making a total of 100€.

I’ll let you the amazon affiliate links down below in case you want to contribute with the channel buying the filament we used and more!

In the next two episodes we will add very cool features that you will love to our shelving solution, for almost no money! Don’t forget to stay tunned and subscribe to our YouTube Channel Architects3DP!

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Download the files to build your 3D Printer Farm:

Here you can download the 2 files generated in the video. The joint for the corners and the filament tunnel. You must be a patron to download the unbranded STL and 3DM models.

STL and 3DM Files:
3D Printer Farm Filament Tunnel

Unbranded Filament Tunnel

u 3D Printer Farm Corner

Unbranded Table Corner

a 3D Printer Farm Filament Tunnel

Architects3DP Filament Tunnel

a 3D Printer Farm Corner

Architects3DP Table Corner

Unbranded Files 3DM

Unbranded Files 3DM



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