Architects3DP SLIDE 2

Architects3DP SLIDE – DIY Motorised Camera Slider 2/2

This is the second and last video of the Architects3DP SLIDE, our DIY motorised Camera slider that will allow you to make slide and pan shots with your DSLR, all controlled from your smartphone via wifi.

Architects3DP SLIDE

If you haven’t, first watch the first episode of this project.

The Architects3DP SLIDE is the best DIY 3d printed camera slider. We’ve created it from scratch using inexpensive components and 3D Printed parts, that we have printed using our custom Architects3DP I3 3d printer, and you can print as well to make your own build.

Firstly, the slider can be customised from the firmware to make the movement slower or faster. You’ll be able to choose the speed you want to use for each shot right from your smartphone.

Secondly, you could add a 12V battery to the build, what will make it 100% portable. Therefore you’ll be able to use the slider everywhere you go.

In addition, you’ll be able to fold the legs to make it even more portable. But maybe the greatest feature is that you can modify it for your needs downloading the 3d model in Rhino format.

Links and downloads

Down below you’ll find the different links for this project. From the SAKATA3D filament that I’ve used to print the components, to the STL and 3DM files, as well as the complete Bill Of Materials where you can find the links to buy all the components through our affiliate links on amazon.

Sakata 3D Filaments

Sakata 3D, a 3d printer filament company based in Spain, provided the necessary filament to make this build possible.
That is to say that they didn’t pay me to talk about them in this video, but they provided the filament with a nice discount.
Here you’ll find the links to the materials I’ve used in this build.

STL Files

In the next link, you’ll be able to download all the STL files for the project, including:

  1. End_motor
  2. End_elect_body
  3. End_elect_cover
  4. Carry_body
  5. Carry_camera_mount
  6. Carry_camera_plate
  7. Carry_camera_handle
  8. Carry_transmission
  9. Carry_bushing
  10. Tensioner_body
  11. Tensioner_idler
  12. Leg_print_4
  13. Feet_print_4
  14. Knob_print_6
  15. Pan_end_print_2

3DM Customisable File

Here you’ll be able to download the Rhino File, where you’ll be able to fully customise your Architects3DP SLIDE.

Architects3DP SLIDE Firmware

Here you’ll be able to download the firmware that you will need to flash into the NodeEMCU using the Arduino interface.

Furthermore, you’ll find extra information about how to program the firmware and flash it into your NodeMCU at NOVASPIRIT tech blog.

Architects3DP SLIDE BOM – Bill Of Materials

Clicking here you’ll get access to a Google Sheets BOM document where you’ll be able to buy from amazon every necessary component for this build while supporting my YouTube Channel.

However, it will probably be easier and cheaper if you buy the regular hardware from your hardware store, since you’ll only need small amounts of bolts and so on.

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