Filoalfa Alfaplus Pastello Alfabox · 3D Printer Filament Review

Filoalfa Alfaplus Pastello Alfabox · 3D Printer Filament Review

This is the Filoalfa Alfaplus Pastello Alfabox · 3D Printer Filament Review. This box is created by Filoalfa in Italy, and includes pastel pink, blue and green PLA filaments.

Filoalfa Alfaplus Pastello

Filaments are a very important part when it comes to 3D Printing. In this review we’re gonna test the Filoalfa Alfaplus Pastello bundle, that was sent to me by Filoalfa in what they call an Alfabox a short time ago.

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Download the used STL files

Here you can download the files that I used in the video.

The small ones:

  • Marvin
  • 3D Benchy
  • 20 mm Testcube
  • Crystal Formation

The big prints:

  • Piggy Bank (pastel pink)
  • Frozen Castle (pastel blue)
  • Detailed Character (pastel green)

Is the material we use that important?

For example, you can spend a lot of money and have the best 3D printer in the market. However, depending on the quality of the filament you are using, you can get awesome results, or just poor prints.

By the way, for the tests in the video we used or custom created Architects3DP i3, a great 3D Printer that we explained how to built step by step in the Build the Best DIY 3D Printer series.

A lot of companies produce their filaments in China (I have nothing against China), but you know that the quality control there is not very famous. Consequently, this filaments that you can buy for very cheap on amazon or similar pages, probably have variations in the diameter or something else that you won’t like to have in your filament.

Due to this kind of filaments, you could have clogs in your nozzle or other issued, that could cause a fail in a very long print, what is annoying.

What is an Alfabox by Filoalfa?

Filoalfa has created something like a “betatesting program”, where they have created a net of Alfatesters around the world.

With this, they send Alfaboxes to youtubers, or any kind of makers, so we can test their new products, previews on official releases and more. Therefore, with our publications, our viewers know our honest opinion about the filaments we use and can have a clue of what filaments go with.

Where to buy Filoalfa 3D Printing filaments?

Filoalfa Alfaplus Pastel Bundle

You can go to the Filoalfa official website and navigate to their online shop.

If you want to buy this amazing Pastello bundle, you can buy it directly clicking here.

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