3D Printing Projects

In this page you will find all kind of relevant 3D Printing Projects, designed to be 3D Printed from scratch. The projects start with the 3D modelling and reach the end with the 3D Printing process and the assembly. We print them using our 3D Printers while explaining the hole process in our YouTube channel Architects3DP.

Our publications schedule

The list of 3D Printed projects is going to keep growing since we will upload new videos with new 3D Printing Projects every Friday around 8 PM Europe time.

Most of the 3D Printing Projects will be finished in one video, and some other projects will need some iterations to get to the final design. As an example of 3d printed project with more than one video we have the 3D Printed DIY DSLR Camera Slider. Click on any of the images below to discover my creations and don't forget to leave a comment with your thoughts!

DIY 3D Printed DSLR Camera Slider

Beats Headphone Stand

Multi Charging Station for Apple Devices

Multi Charging Station for Apple Devices

DIY 3D PRINTED LAMP Complete guide

Custom 3d printed bowl for waste

Custom Christmas Presents

Modular Workshop Tool Organizer

3D Printed Cylinder Seal

The STL files of the 3D Printed Projects

The final STL files generated in each of the 3D Printing Projects will be linked in the dedicated posts so you can download them. Furthermore you can find all of them visiting our Files Repository.

How to support my 3D Printing Projects

3D Printing Projects have become very popular due to other creators on YouTube and websites like thingiverse or myminifactory. There creators upload their designs since everybody is able to download them with the possibility of giving the creator a tip in order to support their work, and therefore, helping them to keep more projects. Another especially relevant reason for the popularization of 3D Printing Projects has been the fall in the prices of 3D Printers in the last years.

Another good way to support my YouTube channel Architects3DP and the 3D Printing Projects created on it, can be through our Patreon Page. There you can make a monthly pledge from $1, and as a result you will help us creating more cool 3D Printing Projects in the future. Furthermore, being a patron will give you access to the files while your name will appear at the end of all my videos, and more.