JGAURORA - JGMAKER Magic FDM 3D Printer - Unboxing

JGAURORA – JGMAKER Magic FDM 3D Printer – Unboxing

This is the JGMAKER Magic 3D Printer Unboxing from JGAURORA. A high quality, easy to build and reliable DIY 3D Printer kit, that you can get right now for only $200.



The JGMAKER Magic 3D Printer from JGAURORA, is probably one of the best budget 3d printers that you can get for around $200.

It could compete with the Creality 10s Pro in terms of quality, for half of the price.

The exterior size is 443x450x472mm. It has a print volume of 220x220x250mm, and the build is very compact and good looking.

The structure is very solid, since it’s built using 20x20mm and 20x40mm V-slot profiles, what makes it also very easy to assemble.

It’s easy to use through the LCD screen. Also it incorporates an assistant to load and unload the filament, as well as the typical Marlin options.

Very cool features that this 3D Printer include, are for example the filament detection sensor, as well as the Resume Print option and built-in filament holder.

While printing, it’s quite silent, and the print quality of the prints I’ve made so far is very good, handling perfectly PLA as well as PETG and TPU.

This features make the JGMAKER Magic a very solid and reliable option to start in the world of 3D Printing.

Slicer Software for the JGMAKER Magic

I use this 3D Printer with the profile that I have created in Ultimaker Cura. For that you can follow my series of tutorials for Ultimaker Cura that I uploaded in my channel a while ago.

Where to buy the JGMAKER Magic

JGAURORA Online store:

United States
United Kingdom

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