My name is Mateo and I recently graduated  with a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Alicante in Spain. Despite I am an Architect, I am also a technology enthusiast since I was a kid and I have always enjoyed building computers, incorporating Arduino to my projects, and recently discovered my new passion that as you can imagine, is 3d printing.

I was elaborating my thesis a year ago when I needed to make some complicated models that I had already modelled in 3D to make some renderings. I came up buying a cheap 3d printer on eBay just to print them for the final exhibition. But when I built my 3d printer and started playing with it, I discovered an entire world of creativity behind 3d printing.So I started watching lots videos about 3d printing on YouTube, in different channels such as 3dprintingnerd, Ivan Miranda, Makers Muse, Make Anything or 3d Maker Noob.

A few months later I started a new project, Architects3DP, my 3d printing channel on YouTube. To be specific I uploaded my first video the 8th of December 2017 and right now, less than three months later, I am totally impressed with the growth the channel is having since it has reached 75 subscribers, more than 2600 views, and more than 1400 followers on Instagram, what totally exceeds my expectations.

I thought to create a YouTube channel as a way for me to share all the cool things I was doing with my 3d printer during summer holidays in Spain. But all my plans changed since I moved to Germany at the end of 2017.

I still wanted to create Architects3DP, but I did not have a 3D Printer any more since I left it in my home country. Then was when I decided to start the channel as a very fresh start in the world of 3d printing. In the first videos I just share my ideas for this project, and bought my first 3d printer in Germany sharing the whole process such as the unboxing, assembly, first configurations, and more.

Over time, the main goal of the channel is not only to entertain people showing cool stuff i print with my 3d printer, but also share with them all the knowledge I have acquired in the last 7 years while I was studying Architecture, not only in 3d printing, but also 3d modelling and rendering.

Thank you for stopping by my place on the web. I hope you enjoy the content I create in the same way that I do and Happy Making!