EasyThreed NANO Review

EasyThreed NANO Review – Best Starter 3D Printer

This video is a review of the EasyThreed NANO 3D Printer. One of the best starter 3D printers. It is a very small, compact, silent and cheap3D Printer.

EasyThreed NANO – E3D NANO

The EasyThreed NANO 3D printer is probably one one of the best starter printers that you can get for $150.

First, the exterior size is 188x188x198mm. It has a print volume of 90x110x110 mm. As a result you can print nice objects in a small-medium size.

Secondly, the build quality is very decent and the printer itself is very compact and good looking. For instance, you could literally expose it at home as a piece of art.

Furthermore, the printer is very light, being it’s weight only 1kg. For example, you could bring it from work to home or vice versa.

It’s easy to use, with its 1 click function. The only you have to do is to insert the included MicroSD Card with the g-code, and click the start button. That’s it.

In addition, the EasyThreed NANO is very quite while printing, since the motors and all the components are very small.

On the other hand, the EasyThreed NANO does not include a layer fan. Therefore, you won’t be able to print models with complicated bridges or overhangs.

In conclusion, the features of this 3d printer make the EasyThreed NANO, for example a good gift for kids, for students, for school or to start in the world of 3D Printing.

Slicer Software for the EasyThreed NANO

I use this 3D Printer with the profile that I have created in Ultimaker Cura. For that you can follow my series of tutorials for Ultimaker Cura, that I uploaded in my channel early, and you can find here:

Ultimaker Cura Tutorial Advanced

Furthermore, the manufacturer includes as well its propietary 3d slicer, e3d, in the included Micro SD Card.

In short, you can use this printer with any slicer of your choice. However, if you need a tutorial about how to configure Ultimaker Cura for the EasyThreed NANO 3D Printer, just let me know in the comments section.

Where to buy the EasyThreed NANO

You can find the EasyThreed NANO 3D Printer in their online store in Aliexpress:

EasyThreed Store

EasyThreed pages and contact

EasyThreed Facebook Page

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12 thoughts on “EasyThreed NANO Review – Best Starter 3D Printer

  1. Sebastian

    Good evening,

    i’m very interested in a tutorial for configuring Ultimaker Cura to can silce for my NANO-Printer and would be very grateful if you could help me.

    thx alot

    1. M4730X Post author

      Hello Sebastian,
      I’ve added this video tutorial to my list!! You’ll get it very soon! 馃檪
      Mateo – Architects3DP

      1. Normand

        Oh I cannot wait to see that video, I myself am a lost when I try to use Cura with the easythreed nano 馃檨

  2. Omar

    Hello, a few days ago I have the nano. Using the predefined options in the E3D software and generally I get acceptable results, but both in the E3D and in the Cure, when I try to make some adjustments to improve the result of the impression (I try to make a rather small piece of about 7x8x6 millimeters ), I get bad results, to the point that I think I should change the surface, because the print nozzle has burned it …
    This is my first experience with a 3d printer, so a good tutorial (not like those included in the microSD), would be a valuable help.

    1. M4730X Post author

      Dear Omar, I’m working on that tutorial, and I’ll try to finish it as soon as possible 馃檪
      Good printing!

  3. Christian

    an tutorial to use the e3d nano with cura would be awesome! And i think it will be great if you could share your cura printer profile (as download) with us.

    Best regards,

    1. M4730X Post author

      Hello Sebastian!
      I definitively have a video on schedule right for that 馃檪
      I hope I can upload it soon

  4. Meyer Lan

    Great Review.
    Can u add video guide for setting Cura profile for the e3d nano(or share your鈥檚)

    1. Mateo

      Hello Meyer,
      this video is actually in my schedule, but I’m very busy right now to make it.
      I’ll upload it as soon as I can.


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