Build the BEST DIY 3D Printer – Y axis structure #02

Continuing with this second episode of the Build the BEST DIY 3D Printer series, we are going to build the Y axis structure. Down you will find the links to download all the necessary STL and DWG files, as well as the links to buy all the necessary components.

In this series we are going to build a complete 3D Printer from scratch. Inspired in the prusa i3 MK2S original by Josef Prusa, but using alternative / more affordable components. We’ll keep the total price below the 200€ mark.

If you follow our steps in each of the episodes, at the end of the series you will end up owning one of the BEST DIY Custom 3D Printers in the market. The best part is that you designed and built it from scratch.

Buy the necessary Hardware to build the best diy 3d printer:

2 x 375 mm M10 threaded rods

4 x 205 mm M8 threaded rods

14 x M10 nuts

12 x M10w washers

22 x M8 nuts

22 x M8w washers

Download the STL files for the 3D Printed parts clicking here.

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