Architects3DP MOVED!! And is coming stronger than ever!

Yes, Architects3DP moved. After 37 days without posting any video, I have received comments asking me to come back posting videos on YouTube as I usually do. Today I'm announcing why this happened. You might have guessed the cause of my absence since you saw the thumbnail of the video. 

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Our new Publications schedule:

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  • New 3D Printing project - Every Friday at 20:00 Europe Time

Why 37 days without posting?

What actually happened is that Architects3DP moved back with me from Germany to my home country. It has been a pretty complex process since it has not been like a regular flight that I use to take every month.

Architects3DP Moved

The boxes of the move. Architects3DP Moved.

This time my partner and me had to transport ourselves, plus 80 kg of luggage and more than 100 kg of stuff properly packet in boxes prepared to ship in a cargo airplane.

The most difficult part of the process was to disassemble the two 3D Printers that I had in Germany and then have to assemble them one more time in my new studio. This process took more than a week, since I added a third 3d printer to my mini 3D Printing farm.

Architects3dp moved. Now what?

During this almost 40 days, I've had time to improve our website, some work on SEO, updated cover in our pages and more. Also I've had time to think about the new contents coming to the channel. It is not monetised yet, and it wont be for at least 2 months. Our Patreon supporters are helping us a lot, but since they are only two, we're getting $5 a month, what is not that much to buy filament and materials for new cool projects. Even though, I have got big plans for the near future of the channel that I am going to detail down below.

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The benefits the move

Setting up the new recording studio has been a hard but funny experience. We could buy some stuff to bring some more quality to our videos, such as a set of studio lights, and acoustic foam to improve the quality of the sound, together with our Rode VideoMicro microphone.

The 3 3D printers are still in the floor, but I am planning to build something very cool that I will sow you in the next videos to put them. In fact I have some ideas for the next videos that I am going to detail here:

Software videos:

  • Finish the last episodes of our Cura Custom Settings Series 2018
    Cura custom settings series
  • CURA 3.4 Has just been released, and we will check the most important changes
  • I will start a new series with the Experimental Tab in Cura with lots of cool options.
  • Start a new series dedicated to Autodesk Fusion 360.

Projects videos:

  • Interchangeable Quick release plate for my DSLR Camera.
  • 3D Printer fans upgrade. Better cooling with Noctua?
  • Start a new series with the step by step guide of building the Prusa i3 MK2S quality clone.
  • V4 of the motorised DSLR Camera Slider.
  • Component upgrades to make our 3D Printers much better.
  • 3D Printers mini farm?
  • much more coming soon.

If you don't know the project DIY 3D Printed DSLR Camera Slideryou can watch the first 3 iterations here:

In fact, you can navigate to our projects page to check out all of them: 3D Printing Projects.


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Finally, as always:

-See you, in the next, video!!
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