RHINO FOR BEGINNERS #2 – Custom keychain

Continuing as every Wednesday with the second beginners level tutorial for Rhino, this time I am going to show you how to create a 3d printed custom keychain with your name and logo in Rhino, sharing with you all the commands and steps that I took in the process.

I suppose you have seen the first episode of the series where I explained the Rhino interface, and if you have not watched it, you can do it in the next link:

At the end of the video we will have designed 6 different iterations of our name tag, and at the very end, the final design of our custom keychain, which we will export in STL and slice using Ultimaker Cura, to print it in 3D. You will se the final results!!

I have uploaded all the files generated in the design process of this video, including the STL, 3DM and GCODE, and you can download them from the following link:


In case you don’t have Rhino, you can follow my guides to download it for FREE for Windows and Mac OS in the next links:

-For Mac OS:

-For Windows:

You can also use my guided videos to download interesting 3d modelling softwares for free:

-Download Fusion 360:

-Download Sketchup:

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