DIY 3D Printed DSLR Camera Slider #1

This is the first part of a new project, the 3D Printed DSLR camera slider. As I announced in the Camera Gear video, that I recommend you to watch here:

My idea is to make it motorised, but for now I am going to design the hole slider, modelling it in 3d.

To model everything in 3d I am using Rhinoceros, popularly known as Rhino. If you don’t have it, you should check out my videos explaining how you can get it for free both for windows and mac:

-Free Download Rhino for Mac OS
-Free Download Rhino for Windows

I have started a series of Rhino tutorials as well, uploading a new video every Wednesday for a beginners level, that I strongly recommend you and you will find clicking here.

I couldn’t try the DSLR Camera slider because had no time to print it completely, but we will upload a new video of this project next Friday with our tests.

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