Special 100 (200) SUBS. New WebSite. Social Media

In this quick video I am explaining the progress of the channel along this 4 months, and the most recent news. By the way, do you like our new Start and End animations? leave your comment 馃檪

Also I wanted to say thanks to all of you, because it wouldn’t be what it is without you.

And of course, a special thanks to Hayder Jawad for being our first Patron!

If you want to follow us on social media to stay tuned when new content is uploaded, you can do it through the next links:

New Architects3DP Web Site

-YouTube Channel







Becoming a Patron you will make us super happy and you will also help us bringing good content to the channel. Also your name will appear at the end of all the videos, and more rewards that you can check in our Patreon page!

See you, in the next video!!

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