RHINO 6 WINDOWS FREE 3D modelling software

In this video we are going to download the 3d modelling software Rhinoceros, or Rhino 6, in the version 6 for WINDOWS 10 operating system. It does not need any crack or any keygen, and it will be completely legal and full 100% !

Rhino is a very powerful software to model in 3d, and also make awesome renderings with the help of the plug-in V-ray, and also is able to make huge parametric designs with the plug-in grasshopper.
In addition, it will be your perfect tool to create STL files for your 3d printer. Once you save your creation in .3dm , you just have to export it as an .stl , and then import this STL file from Ultimaker Cura, Slic3r, Simplify 3D or any other slicing software.

In the video I mention a couple links that appeared in the top right corner of the video, but you can also find them right here:

1. Video to download Rhino 5 for MAC:
2.Video to download Rhino 5 full for Windows 64 bits without paying for it (I do not support this method):

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