Optimize Ultimaker Cura for ANY 3D Printer

After reducing the vibrations, in this video we will optimise our 3D Printer, the CTC Prusa i3, that is a Chinese clone of the Original Prusa i3 by Josef Prusa, to work with the last version of the software Ultimaker Cura.

This software has lots of presets optimized for recognized 3d printers like the different ultimaker models and more, but not our model.

After the optimisation and with the changes made in the nozzle and bed temperatures we can finally get quite better results than in our last prints.

Software downloads:

-You can click here to download Pronterface.
-Click here to download Ultimaker Cura.

You can find the printer that I bought from eBay if you click here: CTC Prusa i3 Pro B

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