CTC Prusa i3 Pro B Unboxing

In this video, we will unbox the CTC Prusa i3, the Prusa i3 original clone 3d printer, that i bought on eBay for 150 € shipping costs included, and we will prepare everything for the assembly process.

This 3D Printer is made in china and imported to Germany for some eBay Seller, and as you can spect, even it’s sent from Germany, it is just another Chinese quality 3d printer. Even though its low price, the quality of the prints can be quite good with some tunings and minor changes that you can even 3d print with it.

Remember that once you own a 3d printer, you can print new parts for it and make it better for almost free.

You can find the printer that I bought from eBay if you click here: CTC Prusa i3 Pro B

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